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Som and Nanda's studio is located in Basavanagudi, a charming historic neighbourhood in South Bangalore, very close to Yediur Lake.

Over the years, their studio has served as a meeting place for friends, architecture students, interns, artists, and fellow architects..

It's been a home away from home for many, a plug & play space for some, and It's place where friends meet, foster dialogue, and build new relationships.

In short it's a sanctuary, where we all drink beer, upend conventional ideas, debate on every topic under the sun and explore thoughts on pushing established boundries.

It's where life's experiences are shared. It's where Ideas flow and colloborative effort thrives, It's where human experience is enhanced by providing meaning to the built environment and it's where we all still continue to inspire each other.,

Its where we see the forest through the trees.

It's where friends became clients and clients became friends.

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